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How it works

How much

The cost of our services is a one-time fee of the employee's one monthly salary.  

After the probationary period is completed, we issue the second invoice for 70% of the candidates' monthly salary. 


We provide one free replacement within the first month.

A full refund of the prepayment if we do not find a candidate.

We work within your budget, we do not dictate the size of candidates' salaries.

Important info

We do not trust blacklists, recommendations, criminal or medical records.

We begin the search and selection after receiving an advance payment of 30% of the employee's monthly salary. 


For an additional fee, we will the candidates' reliability using the tests of the Israeli company MIDOT or we will offer an approved polygraph specialist for a lie detector test.

Customers choose us not because recruitment is good with us, but because it is difficult without us.

  • Finding and selecting nannies and housekeepers takes 1 - 3 days, sometimes less, sometimes more.

  • 3 - 5 candidates will come for an interview, although 10 - 15 people will promise to. Half of them will not come and will not notify about it.

  • We need to talk to at least 50 candidates in order to get confirmation from 10 - 15. Each call takes at least 2 minutes, sometimes - half an hour.

  • In order to talk to 50 candidates, we will call 150 people. The other 100 will not answer the call.

  • As a result, we will have 5 candidates out of 150 applicants, and it will take up to 12 hours for phone calls only. 

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