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Олег Соловей,

директор агентства,

основатель стартапа Findcare2.Me

Председатель Наблюдательного совета Всеукраинской Ассоциации «Агентств Домашнего Персонала».

Известен в Украине как эксперт по персоналу из Филиппин и в вопросах надежности домашнего персонала.
Регулярно выступает в качестве
эксперта на 1+1, Интер, Новый Канал, а также других СМИ.
Проработав более 15 лет в сфере продаж и маркетинга, Олег приносит уникальную экспертизу и страсть в сферу домашнего персонала. Вырастив двух дочерей, Олег понимает потребности родителей, что помогает эффективно оказывать услуги своим клиентам. was founded in December 2006. The agency initially recruited only nannies from Ukraine. Already in 2007, the first nanny from the Philippines was brought to Odessa. We usually look for and check nannies and housekeepers and, if they have sufficient qualifications, work experience, a fitting personality type, we send them to the employer.


As an agency, we approach our work with resourcefulness, rigor, and diligence. We are paid not because we know where to publish a customer's vacancy and find candidates, but because we help to choose from 150-200 nannies and housekeepers and shortlist those 3 to 5 who will eventually meet the customer for an interview. We also deal with the most boring aspect of recruitment - preparing documents for obtaining a work permit and a residence permit for foreign workers in Ukraine, where even an extra millimeter of a submitted photo can result in a rejection.

We are passionate about solving the problem of reliability and safety in the home staff market. So with each client, we figure out why they are hiring staff, for what tasks, and what is needed to perform them better. 


In addition to finding and recruiting nannies and housekeepers, we select and bring personnel for spas, hotels and restaurants from Southeast Asia. We outsource personnel to the customer and for this, we obtain official work permits for our companies.

In 2015, we created a platform for finding home staff without intermediaries -

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