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for permanent employment

Are you looking for a job? Record a video resume

Today the world has changed,
we are sitting at home, clients and candidates find each other remotely. 
​We do not charge
for registration since 2013,
for job seekers
our services are free.
Regular interviews are in the past and passing a video interview
requires recording
answers to some questions.
For recording, you need a computer, smartphone or tablet
with a camera and a microphone.
We recommend that you prepare and record the application in your spare time in a convenient and quiet place.


Персонал из Таиланда в Украине
Няня филиппинка в Киеве
They helped us find a nanny who has been with us for over a year. And I can leave the child with her safely.
I am very grateful to for the staff with skillful fingers
from Thailand! My salon thrives with these pros.
Our Filipino
nanny Medelin is very hardworking, hardy
and strictly fulfills subordination.
I'm pleased.
- Maria, Kiev
- Anna, Kharkiv
- Vitalina, Kiev

Our Services

Image by Marisa Howenstine
  • Nanny for children from birth to 3 years old.

  • Nanny-governess for children from 4 years old and up.

  • Nanny-driver.

  • Nanny-bodyguard.

  • Male governor.(manny)

  • The nanny is a housekeeper.

  • Shared nanny (nanny who is hired by several moms).

  • Nanny for a children's room.

Image by Christine Sandu
  • Housekeepers, maids.

  • Family couples.

  • Cloth care specialist 

  • Home cooks.

  • Gardeners and helpers.

  • Drivers.

  • Security guards and bodyguards.

  • Household managers and butlers

Image by Ashwini Chaudhary

Recruitment of qualified foreign personnel

The first nanny from the Philippines came to our clients back in January 2007.
Now we successfully fulfill orders of our clients for search and selection of:

  • Staff from the Philippines, Thailand, China

  • Employees for restaurants and hotels from China and Thailand

  • Nannies and governesses from England and other countries from all over the world

  • Various specialists.

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